eclipsed moment…

6 Responses to “frailty”

  1. we are so far from those honey-
    fences, looking in
    on the cemetery of our
    youth, without a trace
    of fear
    for our mortality, but
    instead, for the boogie
    man, for losing the way
    home, for abandonment.

    these days, we wear purpose-
    fear, preparing
    for that eclipsed
    moment, when there is
    no hope
    of rescue,
    and frailty
    is a tarantula
    of glances

  2. What I like most about this photo is the contrast so strongly represented between natural shapes and man-made shapes. The phrase “a tarantula of glances fits this so well, “Y”. I think I will see this photo in my mind years from viewing it tonite. Thank-you.

  3. i recently entered the Artists Wanted contest for photography. i’d appreciate it if you could visit the site and give me a vote whenever you can (every 24 hours, it allows one vote). please click here to go to page. thank you for your assistance!

  4. Hi “Y”! I went and voted, but I must be doing something wrong. A vote is a click on the stars? That is what I did and the count did not go up. So frustrating…..What to do…Advice? Do I have to sign in to vote?When I clicked on the star it said thank-you so I figured they took it.

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