every key…

9 Responses to “indistinguishable”

  1. i must confess, two-thirds of these
    memories are used, three-quarters
    spent, four-fifths
    every key in my possession
    is rusted,
    long over-
    and it has nothing
    to do with neglect

  2. But just imagine what each and every key behind the frame can unlock!
    I love this photograph of yours.

  3. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

    • thank you – a lack of color for your brilliant self, though (smile).

      • I’m sorry. This touched me, as when I was little I liked keys. My family members would give me keys to put on a little keyring I had. I’d spend long periods of time looking at them. My Mother used to tell me I could unlock hearts with them. Your poem and your photo reminded me of that and much more!

  4. Leslie, that is absolutely beautiful – your mother’s words. how lovely! thank you for sharing, again!

  5. Keys make me think of the life of the person who held them…what did they unlock? What were they like?
    We spend so much time with our keys…though they’re practical they hold a romance of mystery about them. Possibilities, doors and secrets yet to opened…

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