being alone…

7 Responses to “certainty”

  1. between the wake
    and the cremation
    you escaped
    early one morning
    to practice
    the certainty
    of being alone

  2. Cool pairing of photo to poem, “Y”. I see other daffodils in the blur! It’s not comforting to know that we can be lonely or alone in a crowd.

  3. really beautiful! i think the picture paints the reality of being alone in a more positive light…more hopeful

  4. I really don’t know which I like better, your photos or your poetry. This is such a simply but amazing piece. Well done. Love the flower, too. I guess spring has finally sprung.

    • well, you know how, after a death, everyone converges so that you don’t feel as lonely. but you really have to escape all that to see what it’s really going to be like. thank you, again, for coming by.

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