balling up…

7 Responses to “defiance”

  1. i have been asked
    by my heart
    to start
    winding up. Spring
    gingerly drums
    her fingers
    on the bedroom
    windows, wet
    for the third
    Sunday in a row.

    i have been asked
    by my heart
    to stop
    neglecting. the cherry
    blossoms you think so
    little of for their
    brevity is balling up
    their fists again, still
    defiant in their
    ninety-eighth year.

    i have not been asked
    by my heart
    to fill up
    the emptiness. biology
    shows us that our hearts
    were made to be emptied,
    filled, emptied,
    filled, but no one can
    narrow the number of
    times down to a science

  2. Y,
    beautiful poem, stunning picture, awesome combination. The heart is an amazing thing and you have expressed it well. I really like the last line… science knows so much and yet so little… I believe there is much to the heart, soul and spirt yet to be discovered.

    Thank you for listening to your heart, expressing and continuing to inspire us with your photo’s and poems.



  3. welcome back. thank you for visiting again and for your lovely comments.

  4. Hi Y.
    Very much like the photo and the poem. Nice work.

  5. I love that line about spring drumming her fingers on your window. I live in the midwest and had that dreamy wake-up call of rain. The heart, an amazing thing, and you have represented it with respect and dignity.

    • thank you, Leslie. yes, here in the city, we get that, accompanied by rain drumming on the a.c. box sticking out the window!! (smile)

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