a way back

drop anchor…

13 Responses to “a way back”

  1. some tie strings
    to the earthshaking
    events in their
    lives to bookmark
    change. i drop
    anchor on the
    smallest gestures –

    roofed rain,

    three fingers
    near the rim
    of a brown

    a gentle insistence –

    to find
    my way back

  2. Y,
    Lovely on both the photo and poem. I really love the character and textures captured in the photo. The pedal on the bottom left looks like I should be able to reach out and touch it. The way the light highlights the bend on that pedal is wonderful.
    I also like the contrast in the poem with string to earthshaking events and anchors to the smallest gestures. Really nice.
    favorite line… “roofed rain”



    • thank you, Stephen. i wanted the petals to be in focus, like the strings or anchor ropes that lead us towards the event or memory. no matter how clear they are though, the core memory is never clear, is never reachable. thank you, again, for your thoughts.

  3. i wanted to express my gratitude to everyone who has encouraged me along the way on this blog. on friday, march 26th, six of my works will be included in the show, Brut Testament: Visual Images of Personal Responses to the Haiti Tragedy, to be held in St. Paul’s Chapel, Columbia University. all of the proceeds will be going to the Gawou Ginou Foundation and the Haitian Alliance, Inc., to benefit Haiti. click on Brut Testament above to learn more. without each and every one of your encouragements and kindness, i would not have had such an opportunity. so, thank you, again!

  4. Congrats on being included in the show. 🙂

  5. Well, someone attending the event has an eye for quality 🙂
    [Don’t forget to note the particulars of the show for your artistic resume; it’s easier to jot it down now than to have to remember the details later.]

  6. The name of the show. Where it was held. Whether or not it was juried. The date, including the year. If you enter a competition, you also note any awards received. The same applies to published works when submitting your writing. This all comes in handy should you ever apply for a grant, or need a quick write-up for galleries, newspaper articles, etc. etc.

  7. Yi-Ching–what Planetcity is saying is to start an Artist’s resume–which means, in part, citing every showing of you work. And keep track of every photograph you sell and to whom. And make certain that the purchaser understand that the reproduction rights remain with YOU!!!!
    Oh CONGRATS on this show!!!!

    • oh. that is something i haven’t thought about, either. thank you both for your advice and thoughts! i’m entirely grateful!!

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