the city oxidizes

waiting their turn…

11 Responses to “the city oxidizes”

  1. the day oxidizes
    with the urgency
    of someone waiting to turn,
    wanting to forget —

    to touch, or not to
    touch, the longing reflection
    a chipped decision —

    here is my newly plated
    armor of jade
    here is your death,
    the cruelest catalyst

  2. This is a great photograph for the poem. It is as though the oxidized building hovers over the rooftops much like how you’ve chosen to hover your poem over your comments. Prophetic and convincing “Y”!

    • funny because i was thinking last night of whether or not i should start putting the poem in the text area right below the photo. i kind of like the freedom of putting it in the comments section, but sometimes people don’t scroll further down, especially if the photo is vertical. what are your thoughts? and thank you, as always!

  3. It is sort of like “Hide and Seek” the way you are doing this, now. I didn’t know what was going on for days, here. When I noticed, I rushed back to the fallen snowman and sighed. I guess, for me, it was like finding buried treasure which I think was a beautiful touch with a delicate subject and time in your life. I think it is pretty much up to you. There are people who view my artwork and don’t read what I write and I can tell from their comments. I think there is a subtle beauty to what you are sharing, here, and the way you chose to post your poetry is part of that.

    • you bring up good points. i will keep with my first instincts and leave it for now (smile). people who are curious or interested will look below for themselves. and those who aren’t, won’t. thank you.

  4. What a great photo! So many things to look at; so many colours, so much to inspire some really great day dreams. I could look at this photo all day long and just dream about where it takes me…


  5. Great photo and even greater poem, Y. You are so prolific and talented.

    • thank you – i think you have much talent and skills yourself! i’m just waiting for one of your photos to be tagged Canon. i thought today’s tree was from the Canon for sure, until…(smile)

  6. Here’s my 1/2 cent regarding w/n to post the poetry with the photos or in the comments section: Consider that if the tags include both the photos and the poem citations then people looking for poetry may visit to read and find the surprise of your photography.

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