dulling the pain…

8 Responses to “salvation”

  1. he comes in as
    politely as

    he always takes
    off his shoes
    before entering.

    he arms himself with
    the oldest knock
    in the world.

    he understands
    the word no
    with comfortless
    clarity, and

    after all these years

    he still dulls
    the pain
    with two shots
    of salvation before
    falling asleep
    with his shoes on


  2. !!!!!!! for the photo!

    with his shoes on—-ooooo that does say much

  3. That is an awesome photoand I don’t even drink. I like the rosey hue and all that glass. I remember one you shot in a bar of a glass of something lit with a candle behind it? What is it with glass and your photography? I like it.

  4. Yes. Sorry I didn’t mention that. I think you are an incredible photographer and writer. ……and if I hadn’t known you were talking about death, I would have picked that up on the photo of “skeleton man” lol!
    You are teaching me about the art in phoTogRAphy and I love that.

    • you are sweet. thank you very much for your support. i really appreciate it! you are an amazing artist yourself. i only wish i could draw well! (smile)

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