an elaborate trap…

11 Responses to “intervene”

  1. in the shower this morning, i
    concocted a mastermind
    plan to fasten the ends of these tear
    ducts to a Rube Goldberg machine.
    at this point, it is certain to be
    the most direct way to intervene
    the next time they have
    the vaguest inclination to shed.
    if it takes at least forty-nine
    independent steps to get there,
    there might be just enough time for
    prevention – between the triggered
    sorrow weighing down my
    heart, to the released
    sand tilting the cold, metallic
    scale, i may have set
    enough of an elaborate trap
    to lock myself out of myself

  2. The colors, here are beautiful,”Y”. I read a book, once, that talked about tears being that which washes our windows so we can see more clearly. I liked that.

  3. I love the way the ‘eye’ draws one’s perception deep into the photograph’s context. Great shot, Y.
    poem’s 49 duly noted.

    Leslie, can you recall the name of that book? Sounds interesing.

    • Hi Eva. It is in “Anna’s Book” by Fynn. The quote is:” Fin say if you live in a howse and you let the window get sploshed and dirty and if you look out of the window it look like the world is dirty, but it is not. If you look inside it look dirty too but it is not dirty becase the window is dirty. Well I will say some more of Fin becase Fin say all of the peple have two windows. First all peple have got eye window and then a hart window. The eye window is to look out and seen thing from and the hart window is to see inside to see you. Fin say wen you cry it is for to wash the window so you can see better.”
      I have never forgotten this.

  4. I love this picture and how the eye is both the center of focus and in focus. I too, as mentioned in an earlier comment, like the fact that the eye pulls you deeper into the picture.

    I also enjoyed the writing, painful as it sometimes is to read about someone hurting.

    Here’s a haiku I just wrote for you on letting the tears fall:

    Relief from sorrow
    Sometimes comes through tears I’ve cried
    Pressure released, soothes



  5. Wow! This is totally awesome… Very well done ~

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