9 Responses to “windswept”

  1. the standard orchids
    they offered in
    condolence is in full
    each bud appears
    to be on
    board, making its
    seemingly windswept
    way to light
    with such
    sad perfection,
    a joyless
    to the story
    of your passing

  2. Oh, but it is white and light full of all the glorious hues of its’ struggle to survive the task assigned to it in all its’ fragility not unlike us. And that orchid, photographed by you, brings beauty and light into my home tonite. Brilliant that you title this offering, “Y”.

  3. What a beautiful picture. I actually had an audible response. They do seem windblown. They remind me of the white wash on the top of a breaking ocean wave.

    What a beautiful display of elegance and a bursting of life even in death. I trust that if this is the passing of a loved one that you will find peace. I’ve written a couple of poems for others around the death of a parent and the death of a friend.
    If this is your case, maybe they would help:


    Peace to you,


  4. Y,
    I just noticed the title, whether intended or not, has both “wind swept” and “winds wept” in the one word. Seems fitting for the occasion.



  5. I simply must say that I love this one…

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