15 Responses to “restless”

  1. from the yawning sea
    of sleep, the casting
    nets come home
    each dawn
    torn and empty –

    to be awake
    is to not have you
    in it

  2. this is by far my favourite post so far.

  3. I like the abstract quality of the photo. Now, you have touched a heartstring of mine. I lost my Mother to cancer, 12 years ago. When she knew the end was near, she asked my sisters to take her to see the ocean one more time. She was in a wheelchair and they took her to the west coast as they lived in Tucson at the time. She felt a great closeness to the ocean. I have since read somewhere that water is feminine. I can’t remember where. Anyway, your poem and the photo are welcomed, here. Thanks for the post.

    • Leslie, thank you so much for sharing such a personal story. i think sometimes water is described as feminine, but then i know that Poseidon is male. it’s good to see it both ways. thank you, again.

  4. Must be the timing, but I saw this and thought about raging, destructive waves instead.
    It’s a great image…very sharp, and the frothy waves show every detail.
    If it was some other week, I think I might have seen this as akin to abstract art:)

  5. Lovely photo image.
    water–the life source
    water force
    water souls

    hi to Chefie, Leslie, Juicer, and of course, Yi-Ching–and “Mother” too!

  6. Y,
    This is absolutly amazing.. Having spent time on the ocean, I was imediately drawn to the picture. The colors, the potential for chaos, the foam and tiny bubbles, but the real impact came when I read the poem… I was misty eyed.. so powerful an impact from so few words. I don’t know if it would work or not but you might try placing the text in white (not sure white will work with all the foam) in the upper right portion of the photo.

    You truely have a gift, thank you for letting us enjoy and please keep letting it flow.



  7. Y,
    From what I’ve seen so far, your poems and photos can both stand alone, these are no exception. And, there is a nice transition to view the photo and then scan down and read the poem, I just thought it this case, there might be a different impact if they were together.

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