pass me by…

9 Responses to “news”

  1. i tried
    to turn the words
    around, but to be
    honest, there is very little
    words can
    undo once done

    they came straight
    out of the envelope
    so neatly, with a tinge
    of regret – and
    i could tell
    that they had taken time
    to iron their dark suits,
    some pleated skirts, a
    handful of ties, before
    making this journey

    i tried
    to turn the words
    around, but lost
    eye contact as
    several clusters
    suddenly bent
    over to wring
    out their formerly
    perfect attires

  2. Both the poem and the photo are superb. I won’t forget this post. I can’t believe all the color and texture in such a simple subject.

    • thank you so! i noticed it for the first time, hidden in a nook, after probably passing it dozens of times…thank the afternoon sunlight, too.

  3. I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I’m really digging this photo. Nice work. And that poem, man, how clever. Really brilliant work there. Nice grouping.

  4. there is so much awesome texture here. and that pop of blue! love these decay shots.

  5. Love the shot and the writing is just brilliant, as usual.

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