rest stop

if you dare…

8 Responses to “rest stop”

  1. i used to live in a house with cats.
    The monsters.

  2. There’s that same gorgeous cat!

    • you’re right! this one does look a bit like lucy – same tail. but lucy is an indoors cat…this cat belongs to the store.

  3. Great photo. I love cats. Makes me want to give it a nice big hug. I used to have a cat with social anxiety disorder. I was the only person she’d come near. 13 years we looked after each other. She loved to curl up on my chest in the evenings while I watched TV on the couch. Then one day she got sick. I had to put her down, finally. The vet came to the house to do it. She was an indoor cat but enjoyed my back deck and yard, so I let her spend her last few hours out there. The vet came late in the afternoon on a Tuesday and Scooter went into a sleep to which she never awoke. I swear I cried for a week solid. I never replaced her. Not because I didn’t want to but because I just can’t imagine out-living another pet. Love equals pain, sometimes.

    • awww…the cat, Lucy, whose photos i usually take (you can see her in the archives) has social anxiety disorder. thank you for sharing your story.

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