10 Responses to “face”

  1. Cracked, I get, but face? You’ve got to help me…

    • besides seeing a skeletal face in the middle of this rock, it’s also a rock “face” (smile). i got this one in the rocks display at the american museum of natural history.

  2. just got nominated by “ashburyniran” for best photo blog for The 2009 Weblog Awards. if you’ve got a minute, come vote for me! (smile) thank you, all!!

  3. Thanks for the explanation:)
    And hey- congratulations!!! I am off to vote! Yay!

  4. Done!
    I have shamelessly nominated myself too…hell of a young to even aspire for final nominations…but I know I am going to enjoy the process!!
    Good luck hon!

  5. Oh Oh..are you saying I will have your vote?! Yay! (jumps up and down)

  6. […] morning at the curtain of fraying dreams, you are freshly stalled, leaning firmly on the last corner of resistance so that the rest […]

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