10 Responses to “1402”

  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!! Oh the colors of the steps, the leaves, the details…OH I wish I could give you a real cookie instead of just offer a recipe! LOL. Yes, there is a recipe posted at mi casa for everyone to enjoy.
    Hi!!! You’ve been busy! Yes!

  2. I like the colors in this also, “Y”. I could sit down on these steps for awhile and maybe draw some things going by.

  3. 47 really covered this one, I like it for the same reasons. i heard she was on a cookie making spree or something…

  4. you’ve done it again

  5. Cookie making spree indeed, otto–yeah–about five dozen cookies later—no joke either regarding the amount.

    Odd–came back to this photo wondering about the year 1402. Strange. Is it of any significance to anyone?

  6. it’s the address! (smile) five dozen cookies?!

  7. eva, i believe you’re off a few decades… in fourteen hundred and ninety-two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue…lol…

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