piling it on…

4 Responses to “eggstatic”

  1. nice, but a little too healthy for my breakfast.
    ps your youtube videos are brilliant. you kept that one from me.

    • today’s series is more…anti-health, really (smile). the eggs were like…imitation eggs. sad, sad…i’m sure your natural ingredients are much healthier! and, thank you, it’s not widely broadcasted (smile).

  2. OMG, this is the breakfast of champions! I absolutely love diner food. Too bad it doesn’t sound like it was as good as it looks, although I must admit the eggs do look umm…not so good. Now I’m hungry, and I just ate! Thanks a lot! 😀

  3. i like that ‘anti-health’. better than saying unhealthy 🙂 and eggs are awesome with english muffin and some bacon/hash browns. looks tasty to me.

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