big red


10 Responses to “big red”

  1. red hot, right? (smile)

  2. there’s just something about red, black, and chrome 🙂
    and shiny, of course…
    says the woman whose car desperately needs a wash…

  3. i think the amazing thing is that all of these were parked in the middle of manhattan, and they were so clean. it looks like the owners wipe it down just after parking (grin).

  4. the image just shimmers. fantastic. your on a roll

  5. your photos always have such unique subjects, do you go out a take pictures every day?

    • hi, Otto. i keep my camera handy, but do not shoot every day. sometimes, i think the secret is that i’m not tied to a car – or a motorcycle, for that matter (smile). thank you for your compliments!!

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