making friends…

9 Responses to “tag”

  1. That looks like so much fun! I remember doing that as a child, and I got all wet and cold, but I still wanted to because it was so fun… đŸ™‚ And not allowed, of course…

  2. do you remember what i said about your social scenes?.

  3. One thing I can really appreciate about this photograph is that I can see the beauty of a fountain in a totally different way. My eyes don’t see all those droplets catching the light. I usually view streams of water with a mist. The figures and their placement enhance it more. Thanks for the view, Y.

  4. Oh the water is wonderful…I adore water like this…

  5. […] bleed from the photographs we keep of us. every now and then, we launch a line down into that particular moment’s depths for an attempt to rescue. but images are […]

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