i carry your heart

dancing poetry…

12 Responses to “i carry your heart”

  1. this reminded me of i carry your heart by e.e. cummings

  2. hey now that’s a neat graphic

  3. makes me want to draw some robots

  4. awwww–this makes me want to ‘cry’–o I am a ‘mess’ this day..lol…and otto wants to draw robots now…see,not all me…lol

    • awww…happy tears? it seems that either everyone already knows this poem or no one is interested in clicking on it to read…(smile).

  5. or we just ‘missed’ the link….

  6. […] rpm, our love separates into identifiable phases. starting with the heaviest memories, we can extract one or two samples to be processed for that magical unknown. it is a shame that what remains afloat, and […]

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