dripping steadily…

10 Responses to “steel”

  1. That is a lot of steel.

  2. a river of steel…(smile)

  3. a river of steel—first line of a poem—hint hint

    btw Y–Kokot and me are plotting an invasion of ottobiography–so pop into the Tart of the Arts’ Kitchen Studio for details–upcoming–so far he’s willing to share his chocolate soup receipe with ‘anyone who figts’–hmm! Am awaiting the ‘next step’–
    oh, how does an invading force invade in blogland? with comments, lots and lots of comments all over otto’s white white comic squares.
    –could be fun!

  4. otto is a turnip in a comic with carl and arna and black hole cat and …

    oh here—

    see for yourself…lol..

  5. more on the unfolding invasion here:

    or–knowning Kokot–he could post plans on another page–but–the promise of the chocolate soup receipe is ‘here’—how would we get the Chef to make good on his promise? hmm….dunno about that–and he can be such a teaser.

  6. how absolutely adorable!! thank you for sharing!

  7. LOL–adorabble?–hey, I never thought of otto as ‘adorable’ before,– clever, wicked silly, sharp– but not adorable, but you’re right–often otto is rather adorable!

  8. ps. I take it ‘adorable’ means you will join the invading forces and make your presence known.
    Least I hope so.
    Oh and everyone else is invited to the invasion of club ottobiography! Kokot is massing troops by email signals–so he states–mmmm.

  9. […] a ticking constant, a certain probability – take my hand, let us draw up the equation together, ride off into this exponential decay . 20130323:2243 […]

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