applying the key…

8 Responses to “secret”

  1. Looks 3d almost. Very nice.

  2. Os Gemos—I knew it. Recognized their ‘style’—caught one of their earlier works in a book on street art yesterday in a bookstore browsing expedition–IT was NOT as wonderful as the creations you’ve photographed and presented here on your blog. mmm

  3. Hi, it was a photo of the guy in the ‘red clothes’–which is pretty cool–but this stuff you’ve photographed is way cooler–in my opinion.

  4. Similar with the ‘red’ design and body shape of the main figure but NOT that particular image.

  5. […] has kicked in when you stop wondering when the medication will hit, and there is a certain cinematic sheen to the next six hours, if you are lucky. but as much as a web can be called a safety net, […]

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