rocking the beat…

9 Responses to “elephants”

  1. Very cool. Looks like he is coming out of the wall.

  2. oh, i love street art. you’re going on my blogroll

    • hurray! that took awhile!! (teasing smile) this theme does not allow for a blogroll. much thanks for your constant support!!

  3. LOL! Oh the one with the ‘sleepy’ eyes.

  4. O Kokot, if this is the first you’ve caught of her street art captures then you’ve got pleasures awaiting when you explore her archives…there’s some wonderful stuff to enjoy.

  5. thanks to you both for your great support (smile)!

  6. Thanks to you for your wonderful photos on a daily basis. It’s nice coming and finding whatever you’ve posted.

  7. Ha, no blogroll makes it all the more important for folks to post–so that we can visit them too.
    oh, btw, I’m slowly working on adding links on Strange Brew–among other things–and we’re still working out some kinks and tweeks and such.


    Linked to you–hope it’s working right–testing 1,2, 3…LOL. Please come and leave one of your poems in the Poet’s Den–with an photo illustration of course –if you like.

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