flying hair…

9 Responses to “benched”

  1. This one I like. The angle of the bench make the photo look long.

  2. wow, nice catch! thank you!

  3. Love the angle!

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  4. angles yes, bench wood grains one direction, floor wood grains another, and then the flower–its color, its soft petals…hmm

  5. and hints of raindrops!! (smile)

  6. Hi, I like the look of this shot. Did you use the ‘rule of thirds’ to compose this? I like the contrast of the grains of the wooden bench versus the boardwalk. The detail of the sand in the foreground at the bottom of the bench leg adds to the authenticity and reality of this photo. The smattering of raindrops (are they?) spreads the ‘busyness’ of the photo. The flower placed on the bench also adds extra oomph with the colour spotting used, as it draws the viewer straight to it and then it also puts the whole frame into perspective. Nice depth of focus. Excellent! Hopefully I can share my photos with you one day.

  7. wow! thank you for such thorough appreciation. i actually hadn’t consciously considered the “rule of thirds” when taking this photo. i was walking across the boardwalk and passed this bench and the flowered, elastic hair band caught my eye. i took the shot, hoping that the angling wouldn’t be too much of a distraction (smile). thank you, again!

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