leaving it in…


11 Responses to “spooned”

  1. i know…not the best time to be posting food..it’s making me slightly hungry! (smile)

  2. yeah and at least you have access to such food…ha, not here–best I can get is greasy fries and pork tenderloin–with 40 minute road trip…mmm.

  3. where the heck are you? 40 minutes for fries?!

  4. for GOOD yummy fries!
    am in the deadest, dullest sort of college town that ever was—a hot time is racing through the grocery store parking lots playing bumper cars….bahhhh…even the college students..well, it’s not their fault I suppose…but…they do seem to lack imagination….

  5. oh that’s not fair of me…okay, Liberty is about 40 miles northeast of KCMO..

  6. well, you said “greasy fries,” which, to me, did not mean “GOOD yummy fries,” but i suppose it computes…(smile). ever taken photos while flying into KCMO? the quilted patchwork from above is absolutely lovely.

  7. true, but little little Hot Topic on Broadway in KC–well–much better fries than any fast fudie place..a guily pleasure every now and then…hmm…

  8. Kansas City, MO Town-Topic Hamburgers Double Cheeseburger with fries

    town topic—I don’t do the burgers but the pork tenderloins cause they’re small instead of huge and they’ll do the onions grilled or raw as you like….nothing sits waiting so it’s always hot and made to order….ahhh…

  9. never say no to fries…and especially sweet potato fries! (smile)

  10. hmm…this is not your flickr page. so is your photoblog still in the works? do you have a flickr page for temporary satiation?

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