sweaty palms


9 Responses to “sweaty palms”

  1. What a shot! Love and sweaty slithery palms, may I add?:)

  2. so that’s where the incredible Hulk went to πŸ™‚

  3. FROGS!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh YEAH

  4. Unbelievable, amazing shot!

    Check out my photo blog:

  5. thank you so much!!

  6. finding you is not
    unlike finding
    myself – some things meant
    to be whole
    cannot imagine
    breaking, some things
    broken cannot bear
    till whole

  7. Wow! Beautiful shot! How did you manage to set up photo shoot/modeling sessions?!! I am a fan!

  8. β€œYou are so beautiful for me…
    Your green eyes and sexy lips
    and Your sweetest song – KVA-KVA! β€œ

  9. […] percent of hearts are by practice phosphorescent, linked to forbidden transitions that may respond much more slowly than favored or […]

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