making time…

6 Responses to “blue”

  1. what a beautiful shot , keep it up , i like it very much .

  2. there’s something about this image—something about the elderly woman’s stance–it suggests a story about to begin…

  3. China town!!:)
    Hey I tried to click this really old lady there, she was just beautiful, but the moment she saw me with my camera..she came running at me..’shooing’ me away!:D
    I had to give up then!
    But you got one right here…I love it.

  4. yes, the larger the camera, the more vulnerable we become, wouldn’t you agree, my fellow chinatown sojourner (smile)..

  5. Oh totally! Funny you say that…I have been considering carrying a point n shoot along too, just for that reason!:)

  6. i carry my point-n-shoot along, but it rarely comes out unless i’m in a hurry…(smile)

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