low maintenance

gardening tip…

9 Responses to “low maintenance”

  1. Oh that’s something I should think about! 🙂
    You’ve been scouring around deserted areas haven’t you? 🙂

  2. hah! in williamsburg, desertion is intentional…(grin)..

  3. Oh Williamsburg! Now I know…Urban decay and Art go hand in hand here 🙂

  4. o I LOVE this image!
    “Urban decay and Art go hand in hand”–to create unexpected beauty. morning.

  5. thank you! good morning!

  6. morning! seems like lots of folks are strolling along with you today…:)

  7. yes, thanks to all – today, i’m the featured photography blog (sheepish smile).

  8. ahhhh! oh forget the sheepish and just enjoy hawking your wares. LOL. I hope some venture into your archives for the chess players and some of your other goodies resting there..mmm..all these ‘calling cards’ from visitorss. what a collection, girl!

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