bathing in the universe…

12 Responses to “cleanse”

  1. Universe in a bath tub on the street? Interesting thought 🙂

  2. for the second time, i got alpha-inventioned! thank you!!

  3. i bet you there’s a universe in there!! (smile)

  4. I love that thought! And that really makes this pic 🙂

  5. oh I have no doubt there’s a universe or two in ‘there’…mmm…

  6. ahh found it…you’ve been ‘alpha-d’–ahh, okay not sure what that means but I guess I’ll click and explore. Seems to be a ‘good’ thing. LOL.

  7. Such wonderful lighting. 🙂

  8. ah, compliments from a wonderful light-catcher like yourself! (smile) thank you!

  9. such a fabulous photo. must be brooklyn.

  10. Hi y;

    A little Nirvana in hades and you captured it beautifully 🙂

  11. hades?!? aww…nyc isn’t that bad (smile).

  12. […] ask me for some kind of meaning that does not point to you, i […]

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