tossing simplicity…

7 Responses to “crutons”

  1. very nice , keep it up .

  2. oh I don’t think I’ve seen anything as lush as this tossed sunshine over in Kokot’s kitchen…Hmm..have you compared his foodie photos to your’s? Hmm…maybe a foodie photo duel is in order…mmmmm….a challange….hmm….me thinking on this scheme….what do you think, Yi? Could you beat the Chef in a food photo duel? hmm, him a Chef..and you a Shutterbug…hmm…dunno dunno this could be interesting …..
    oh and if you see otto and his invisible arna around here from dat comic club ottobiography you might inquire if he wants a shutterbug for catching celebrities in his joint…hmmm…he’s gotta stop serving apple juice though…asap!

  3. oh you don’t know Kokot? aka the ‘tart of the arts’ aka Chefie aka the guy with the black sunglasses and little black hat who posted on the that plate of food porn meats…sevenryproductions dude –not sure I spelled that right…hmm..

  4. why do you have another name for him?

  5. Laughing hard…well, he has all these names cause, he gave some to himself and I gave him a couple more along the posting way in his kitchen and…it’s got all sorts of FUN potential, wink wink, nudge nudge…

  6. i didn’t know he was a chef…how lovely!

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