where wheelbarrows come to…

resting place…


7 Responses to “where wheelbarrows come to…”

  1. beautiful art work , nice painting , i like it .

  2. Good colors here…working with the little bit of rusted iron on the left.
    Watch the horizontal lines (I sometimes have trouble with that too! esp when clicking tall vertical structures)

  3. oh, yes, i know what you mean!! i guess this one calls for post-production…i usually try to catch that in my viewfinder! thank you!

    • mr. juicer, when i got home today, i loaded this page and the vertical corner line became my point of reference, and it doesn’t appear as crooked to me (as when i was noting the horizontal lines). what are your thoughts of vertical vs. horizontal?

  4. Y, do you know the work of Jimmy Forsyth?


    It reminded me of your collections of all the life scenes you observe.
    Incredilbe life. Incredible b&w photos of times long gone.

    • wow, thank you for introducing me to Jimmy Forsyth. i enjoyed seeing his work and wondered if it were easier to photograph people/strangers back in the day, when people were not as worried about photoshop and/or defamatory use, etc.

  5. The obituary about him placed him in a certain place at a certain time with certain people. Makes one think about one’s place within any community, no matter how small or large.
    I found him by surfing links from dig-n-dash blog to JEM to (Notes on) blog which usually has something of some sort of interest for me. Today it was Jimmy Forsyth’s lifetime of photographing Newcastle. Oh the ‘net’ is a strange place full of wonder. Thanks again for all the wall art. really enjoyed it much..

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