matching looks…

4 Responses to “pigtails”

  1. very nice photo , sweet girl.

  2. the contrast between his expression–openly smiling–and her thoughtful yet direct gaze–makes it more than just a ”pretty” face photo..

  3. otherwise, it’d be more of an advertisement, right? (smile)

  4. yes, yes, you’re right, it would have more of an ‘ad’ sort quality about it–and the same is true of the other photos of people against the plain color backgrounds instead of out in the ‘open’ world at large. Those have a certain ‘model’ character about them because of the backgrounds. Only their expressions fight the effect. This one has the added support of their beautiful beautiful hair-his and hers–a sign of individuality that offestst that weird ‘everyperson’ quality so many advertisements dish up so blandly.

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