hole in the wall

locking in reflections…


4 Responses to “hole in the wall”

  1. Ha!!! self-portrait of a photograher/artist!
    and what a wall it is!
    Oh yes, I LOVE reflections–really, I do. There’s something so surreal about them–like the pathway to another reality just beyond our sense of physical touch.
    And you even caught the ‘lights’ reflected –adding more to the multiple perspectives…way cool photo, Yi. way cool.

  2. okay, had to come back and…YES, the ORANGE wall with the circle—HA! I LIKE the way your mind ‘associates’.

  3. adaptable women
    come and go
    honey glazed
    chocolate dipped
    what is woman
    but to be durable amidst

    y’s poem 2009-07-16

  4. hmm…look it how your mind is “associating!” (smile)

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