entangling shadows…

6 Responses to “twist”

  1. oh all the textures in this set of posts–the intricay of feather detail, the smooth bamboo, now this incredible juxtapositon of the wall’s delicate roughness and the smooth hose–contrast of colors–contrast of textures–contrast of concepts of water carrier and land/earth carrier of wall suggested by it’s surfaces…and the invisble suggestion of water = ahhhhhhh ‘poetics’

  2. aww, thank you! i liked how the hose tangos (sic) with its shadow…

  3. Hello Yi-ching!

    These are amazing photographs. I made it through to ‘sun kissed’, I’ll be back to look at more when there is more time….here’s where your pictures have taken me:

    perspective diving deep and wrapping individual frames around moments that want to be caught

    i walk softly into the gentlest eyes and hands that will pass me into doorways i did not know existed…

    Yeah! And now I’ve poetry dive-bombed you, You wonderful poetry dive bomber! 🙂

  4. ohh, i didn’t know there was a phrase for that (smile). thank you for visiting and for your compliments, as always.

    • I just made that phrase up, although it may well have existed before my mind fell upon those words. I can’t even tell you how delighted I was to see I am not alone!

  5. […] each amplitude. from the perspective of an energy transport phenomenon, it is uncertain who is the source and who is the recipient, but all too clear that we are permanently displaced from rest position . […]

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