sunny side up

coming home…

11 Responses to “sunny side up”

  1. Breakfast! Lunch! Dinner! Let’s eat!

  2. yes, quite ready to eat!!

  3. okay…i couldn’t contain myself and moseyed on down to the mill to appease my appetite for dolsot bibimbap.

  4. yes, I SEE that! Getting some of that would entail about an hour’s drive of moseying for moi…but…it sure is looking worth the gas and traffic..

  5. no, i meant that was my second bibimbap! this morning, i clicked on this post (because of your comment) around noon, and my mouth began to water for it…(sheepish look)

  6. !!!oh don’t rub it in!!! but hey, that must be some delicious bibimbapi…you lucky street stroller.

  7. the first one from choga was yummier than the second, if that’s any consolation (smile)..

  8. It’s not. I’d rather they were both yummy heaven. You gonna get another one somewhere else for dinner? If so, I hope it’s the BEST! Yeah, creating great food is an art in itself. Have fun catching everything you see. Feast.

  9. Roll on the food. lol

  10. Hey Kokot, get a handle on this dish and serve it up “Best” all the time to keep Y fully fueled for her camera clicking.

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