a seal of approval

skywriting a message…

7 Responses to “a seal of approval”

  1. as gay pride descended upon new york city this weekend, the sky was doubly prepared…(smile)

  2. thank you! yes, yesterday’s late afternoon sun/weather was pretty cool…got bottom-half-drenched by the sudden storm and had to take shelter in a liquor store…(smile)

  3. Shelter in a liquor store–ha–did they offer you some Chopin vodka?

    Lovely rainbow.

    I hope you don’t mind that I’ve incorporated another of your photos into my blog text–the red table just ‘fitted’ so well that I couldn’t resist it for an ‘illustration’.
    Meant as compliment.
    Please do continue ‘shooting’ everything you discover. hmm…

  4. wow, you’re nearly spot on…they offered me free Hypnotiq (vodka) samples..but i declined. Chopin can be hypnotic…

  5. You declined vodka!? What willpower!
    Ah Chopin….mmm for music and the vodka named after him.

  6. […] are, two seasons promptly tucking in their wet shirttails . 20130324:0027 […]

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