stars and stripes

getting ready for July 4th weekend…

10 Responses to “stars and stripes”

  1. NO! Not fair! You have access to real baked bread that doesn’t come in those stupid plastic bags. Oh the glory of such bread smeared with a heap of cold real BUTTER. Oh I am so jealous of NYC locations. In the midwest of Missouri they offer only undercooked, mushy, blah blah breads and pastries….I know real bread when I see it and this photo shows it. I want it now. LOL.

  2. ohh…so they ARE really made a week ahead for the fourth of july weekend…in missouri (smile)

  3. SO gorgeous!!! MMM, makes even ME want bread hahaha!

  4. you know what i’m going to say…Go for it! everything in moderation! i’m such a bad influence…

  5. I’ve been craving fresh bread with gobs of butter lately.

  6. i had one of the best-breads-at-italian-restaurants at le marca last night. i love it when they’re still warm!

  7. Exactly. Needs to be warm to melt the butter just enough.

  8. here it is: 47whitebuffalo’s duel round 1 entry (highlighting Kokot’s bread dough).

  9. yo, i’m already on round two. lol

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