reviewing the misstep…

6 Responses to “checkmate”

  1. love the composition, the color and lines, how the light captures the textures…SWEET!

  2. thank you!! for some reason, the shade of the photo reminds me of the old obama photos we’ve been seeing recently…probably because i don’t spend much time looking at old photos (smile)..

  3. There is a cool relaxed atmosphere flowing through this photograph. good work

  4. Really beautiful. There’s an interesting cast of characters in it too, all playing Chess together on worn benches in an urban park. I love it, and I love the intense look of concentration in the man with the leather jacket.

  5. thank you to all…just before i snapped the photo, my friend who was with me whispered, “they don’t like that…” luckily, i got it before i got in their peripheral vision…so i like to think (grin).

  6. […] per hour, there is just enough time to take in frustration, not enough to conduct a mental body scan . 20130131:1808 […]

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