being caught by a squirrel…

6 Responses to “caught”

  1. Oh now I owe you—because this photo reminds me of the time I was mugged, yes mugged for a plum, by a squirrel in Berkley, CA. Oh yeah. I’m gonna have write about that for the sheer fun of it. Thank you for reminding me with this photo.

  2. thanks for the referral (smile)…i think it’s gentle academics like you who encourage their attitude because i’m finding the same kind of “this is my campus”-attitude on the columbia university grounds. these squirrels really have no fear! (grin)

  3. Hmm, I think it might be the collective unconscious of squirrells everywhere figuring out that people can be easy mugging marks. Yes, I sure do… now I’m gonna get me some of those cupcakes you shot so well.

  4. Ha! Just read White Buffalo’s mugger story so had to bop by and see this pic. Very funny! Thanks!

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