el matador

discovering opening day for a new “bistro latino” on grand street yesterday afternoon…

2 Responses to “el matador”

  1. I grabbed a menu on opening day, but have not had a chance to try El Matador.

    The menu advertises, “a fusion of contemporary Spanish and Latin cuisine. El Matador’s food is made with the freshest ingredients hand-picked by the chef and owner daily. El Matador features a deep selection of Spanish wines.”

    There are a good variety of tapas, salads, rotisserie chicken, wraps, paninis, and desserts. Entrees feature steaks, pork chop (with tamarind passion fruit!), grilled chicken or shrimp, among others.

    Come back and comment if you’ve tried the restaurant. It’s always good to know when there’s another choice restaurant on Grand Street. I love Le Barricou (http://lebarricouny.com/), and the very, very short-lived Bao (http://tinyurl.com/r6yhoy) had such yummy paninis…(sigh)..

  2. last night, i finally made it to el matador. i ordered the Churrasco al mojo (grilled skirt steak marinated with garlic, olive oil, oregano and lemon, served with white rice and maduro plantain), and it was absolutely delicious. i also love their green rice!

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