dinosaur salad

relieving order envy at dinosaur bbq…

9 Responses to “dinosaur salad”

  1. Ever experience order envy? When the waiter finallly brings the orders, and someone else’s plate looks so much yummier? I just realized that taking photos of the object of envy really helps! (sheepish grin) Cheers!


    and i dont even like salad!

  3. send this Kokot’s way and see what he ‘says’…
    Hey, you can still ‘duel’ him at random–why not? LOL

  4. cool, i like it, a fresh salad can taste amazng. however i’m on number 6 now, you need 2 more responses for a level playing field. ouch. lol

  5. (groan) how did i get so behind? (smile)

  6. yeah, how did she get behind?
    huh? shows what kind of ‘ref’ I am —not.
    Hey, Y, you’be got lots of food porn to serve up!
    where are those RIBS? they made me crazy!

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