capturing idle gossip outside of the office…

10 Responses to “rumour”

  1. On Thursdays, the Columbia University Greenmarket is out on the curb with the finest apple cider, fruits & vegetables, delicious baked goods, a large variety of herbs, and beautiful blossoms, among others. I always try to stop by either in the morning before work, during, or after. I didn’t see the meaning of this shot until I uploaded it from my camera, and then the allusion was immediate (smile). For more info on times and locations of our valuable New York City Farmers’ Markets, go here:

  2. so close, but not quite what I’m after..hmmm.

  3. what are you after?

  4. apple blossoms
    cherry or perhaps another fruit tree in flower would do too I think…

  5. but…oh I think this would be great for Fire Fly sections! ha!!! it’s got the bug’s eye view going for it

  6. but…oh I think this would be great for Fire Fly sections! ha!!!

  7. excellent!! (smile)

  8. […] things have a tendency to grow tendrils, dense and unrestrained. at a glance, it appears superfluous, like a tinseled wreath of quarreling afterthoughts, but any […]

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